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    default dates

    Keith Roos


      Great system, but need the default date feature available in Qlik View added the Qlik Sense.  Have a report that is date sensitive and need it to open with Yesterday’s data as the default date. Users are getting annoyed with having to select a date before the data makes sense. Am I missing something easy or is it just a feature we need added to future updates of Qlik Sense?


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          Jonathan Poole

          Trigger don't exist in Qlik Sense... which is the method you would use to do this .


          but i think i may have an alternative for you:


          Lets say your load script loaded dates like this:




               DateField as MyDateField

          from ...


          Now, add a new 1 row table like this:



               $(=Today()-1) as MyDateField,

               'Yesterday' as KeyDates

          autogenerate 1;


          ---> this will load a 1 row table with yesterday's date joined to your core data model and a static value 'yesterday' as a keydate value


          Next, in the UI, create a bookmark where KeyDates='Yesterday' and save the QVF with the bookmark applied


          ...next time you open the QVF, the bookmark should be applied.


          I tested this after the app reloads and it still applies.


          Does this help ?