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    After upgrading to Qlikview 11.2 SR10 QVW Alert E-mails Not Working



      After upgrading 11.2 SR5 to 11.2 SR10 QVW alerts On Post Reload (E-mails) are not working anymore. We have been using these alerts since SR1 and they have been working in multiple QVWs without problem.



      With SR 10, QMC continue to deliver e-mails successfully for:

      • On task failures
      • PDF e-mails (PDF distributions)
      • Test e-mails from QMC Mail Server settings


      Only Alerts and alert emails triggered On Post Reload with Batch more are not working after successful reload with QlikView Distribution Service.

      Alerts are still working fine and triggering for on Open with Interactive mode when opened using Qlikview Developer (Desktop/Personal Edition). 


      Attached picture shows an alert that used to work before upgrading. Does anyone used or tested QVW alert e-mails with 11.2 SR10 ? Or solved the similar issue?