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    Comparing dimensions of different period and only shown where they differ



      I have and uniqueID that can change segment overtime. I want to in a table show only those how have changed segment comparing current month with last month. Data is monthly.




      UniqueID     Month     Segment

      1                    1          A

      1                    2          B

      2                    1          C

      2                    1          C


      I want to get a set that only displays UniqueID, Segment only where shift has happend. Result of above should be

      UniqueID     Month 1 Month 2

      1                    A          B


      Solutions I am thinking about is:

      1. Do it at loading: Bulid array with UniqueID and Segment and month as columns (limited to 2 last months). Loop through array and add UniqueID and SegmentShiftFlag to table.

      2. Using Pivot Table - but it seems like you cannot limited them to not displaying null values

      3. Using Table - displaying only UniqueID having Segment Month 1 <> Segment Month 2


      Any tips, please