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    pro and con is using txt file  vs ODBC driver ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      my coy have change the new accounting software . Which support ODBC driver allow QV direct access the data.


      For the last 6 year I have already using QV with my old accounting software,  which does not support ODBC Driver. So I use micro to generate the all report in text file automatically at 3 am and I have a batch file which will auto reload my QV and generate one QVD file and I have a final QV doc which read the QVD and only create all report I need . Which is working fine for last 6 yr.


      Since now we are changing to new accounting system and I still want to use QV for reporting .


      Can some one share with me what are the pro and con of using ODBC driver instead of still generate text raw data file for QV ?



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          Marcus Sommer

          With a direct access to the database you saved efforts to export all needed tables/queries to txt-files which is only an additional step. Further your database contained always the current state from the data - by your txt-files you need extra logics and checks to be sure that the data are always correct. Also you are by direct db-queries more flexible to change/adjust the data-structures (maybe to add fields, combine tables …) whereas the txt-files needed to be (all) replaced. The possibility to use login-credentials could be an advantage, too.


          Nevertheless you will benefit from incremental load methods or needs them by a database access in the same way like by txt-files.


          - Marcus