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    Open date is  month

    vijay prasad

      Hi All,

      How i will get [DumpOpen Date] is  month

      Percentage of Total number of call logs where Type is Incident, Source is Emails and (Email received date - Open date )<=10 mins by Total number of call logs where Type is Incident ,Source is Emails

        and Open date is month

      =count( {<Type={'Incident'},Source={'E-Mail'},[Call Log ID]={'=interval([Email Received Date]-[DumpOpen Date])<1/24/6'}>} [Call Log ID])


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          Jonathan Dienst

          You can't do this type of row by row comparison using set analysis; set analysis is performed once for the whole data set, and not on each row.


          You can use count(if()) like this:


          =count({<Type={'Incident'}, Source={'E-Mail'}>} If([Email Received Date] - [DumpOpen Date] < 1/24/6, [Call Log ID]))

          / count({<Type={'Incident'}, Source={'E-Mail'}>} [Call Log ID])


          If that performs poorly, calculate [Email Received Date] - [DumpOpen Date]  in a derived field in the load script:


          LOAD ....

               [Email Received Date] - [DumpOpen Date]  As OpenInterval,



          Then use the field like this


          =count({<Type={'Incident'}, Source={'E-Mail'}, OpenInterval= {"<$(=1/24/6)"}>} [Call Log ID])


          count({<Type={'Incident'}, Source={'E-Mail'}>} [Call Log ID])