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    Best Practice for Source Database Layer and BI Layer?



      I'm developing a QlikView BI Application with a OLTP Database. Since it is a OLTP database, data model is a normalized one and not a dimensional data model, and so I need to construct a one in BI layer.


      What will be the best practice to bring the data to the BI layer? Best practice at the Source Database layer and the BI layer?


      Note: There is chance of incremental load and slowly changing dimension as well.


      Please, advice.




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          Peter Turner

          Hi Vijay,


          Have you been using QVD's?

          They are optimised data storage files that your QlikView script can produce, and amongst other things allow you to build incremental loading into your script.

          Typically i'd create an Extract app/layer to get your source data and store them as QVD files -you can add incremental loading here.

          Then a model layer to read those QVDs and remodel the data as needed for your end users UI. Then a UI with the graphical elements which does a binary load of your model file.

          There should be lots of good documents around the community on deployments and different approaches to getting your data into the best format for your end users.