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    How to add newly added Recipients in the Nprinting Report task using import Recipients task??

    ishan Bhatt

      Hi All,

      I am generating Report using Qlikview NPrinting. In my Report generation I created one task for importing recipients from the Qlikview Object and then add those recipients manually in the Reports task. If any changes are done in Qlikview Object then recipient import task applies those changes. However, newly added recipients needs to be added manually to the reports task. Can anyone give me some idea about how to automatically add Recipients in the Report task?? Below is the example of the issue.

      Below is the Qlikview object through which recipients are imported in Nprinting. This is done using Recipients import task. After running this task I get these three recipients in my Connection file. Then, I added theses recipients in Report task manually following Some Steps (Recipients add).

      However, if new Emp_Ids are added in Qlikview object then Import Recipients task adds new Recipient after running that task. However, the newly added Recipients (1032, 1033) are not added in the Reports task automatically. We have to do this manually.

      Many thanks in advance.

      Ishan Bhatt.