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    Sorting Block Charts

      Hi -


      I am trying to change the order of my block chart in Qlik Sense so that the levels are in logical orger (None, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Unanwered). How can I change the order that the blocks appear in? Is there an expression I should be using somewhere?



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          By definition, a Treemap or Block Chart is sorted by Value (descending).


          Given your screenshot, I guess you are using a Treemap as a "Legend" maybe for another visualization. If so, then add a Measure with slighty different and incremental values to the Dimension values.


          For example:


          None, 1.009

          Basic, 1.008

          Intermediate, 1.007

          Advanced, 1.006

          Unanwered, 1.005

          You coul also use a Table to accomplish the same result and maybe you could sort it more easily by giving each Level an integer value using an INLINE table in the script editor:

          LOAD * INLINE [

          Level, sort_level

          None, 1

          Basic, 2

          Intermediate, 3

          Advanced, 4

          Unanwered, 5