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    Qlik Sense Restart Internal Inconsistency type I1

    Jose Cardenas

      Hi Everybody


      I appreciate any help with this permanent issue explained below:


      Randomly the Qlik Sense Engine server is restarting.  It restarts after the task execution of a script.  The script is taking the information of a specific folder where I’ve created QVD files with another script and update the charts on the dashboards. The scripts are sequential, so I do not have the collision issue with the QVD creation files App and the Dashboard App.  For the dashboard ( the second one), I’ve placed a delay of 5 seconds in order to give time to the previous application to store the QVD files. Sometimes fail the first script and some times the second one. 


      When I check the script server log files every time the issue is risen and at the same time the engine is restarting the section code is different.


      1. Calling a SQL (MsSQL) statement
      2. Reading a QVD file
      3. Store a QVD file


      The SQL server and the Qlik Server are in the same physical machine in different virtual machines.

      I’ve recreated the connection on the server,  recreated the certificates , recreated the file connections and nothing worked . My point is the server restart, and the tasks get stuck in “error” status, and the unique way to make it back again is recreating the task; when I stop the task the task remains in “abort initiated” status forever.


      My worry is because I am getting this error on a daily base up to 4 times per day, so in plain words the Qlik Sense Product is not working at all.