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    Text wrapping in report



      I'm trying to convert some analysis in QlikView into a formal, documented report.


      The results are from a market research survey.

      In some of the survey free text responses, some respondents have written an essay(!) whilst others have given a single word response.

      This is fine on screen as the pop-up view of text accommodated the longer answers but once I drag something like a Table Box into a report page, there seems to be no option for adaptive text-wrapping that will accommodate both short and longer responses?


      Is there a work around for this?




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          Piet Hein van der Stigchel

          Not for the report that I know of, maybe with reporting using NPrinting, which was recently acquired by Qlikview. You need an additional license though.


          Without that you could think of some workarounds:

          - in the Gui, you could make several objects, e.g.  one for short answers and one for longer answers where you set the wrap cell text to more lines (Dimension answer, expression e.g. if(Len(Answer)>60,Count(Answer),null())

          And add these multiple objects to your report.


          -In load script load each phrase of a answer into seperate records (Subfield?) with a record identifier....