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    Filtering in Qlik Sense

      Hi -


      I have a listbox in Qlik Sense that lists out skills, so when I select a skill it gives me all of the people with that skill. I would like to be able to select multiple skills, so I find a person that has all my seleted skills. Currently when I select multiple skills, its giving me everyone who has at least one of the skills. How can I change the filter for me to give me only the people that meet all of the selected criteria in the listbox?



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          santhosh k

          You can create another field with all the combinations you require and then use the field as your selection box.


          Field 1           Field 2

          A                    GroupA

          B                    GroupA

          B                    GroupB

          C                    GroupA

          D                    GroupB

          A                    GroupC

          B                    CroupC

          C                    GroupC

          D                    GroupC

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            Jonathan Poole

            There was a setting in QlikView called 'AND Mode' to accomplish this. Not there in Sense, but you can still use some expression work .  Here is  a sample that shows a chart


            No selections:




            Selecting Skills A, B and C ... only User1 has all three (chart on top right uses AND mode)




            The chart expression for the 'and mode' chart is:




            count( distinct {<User={"=aggr(count(distinct Skills),User)=getselectedcount(Skills)"}>} Skills)


            count(distinct Skills)