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    Allocation/Distribution via Key

      Hi everybody,


      I have a Problem with one Topic regarding allocation or distribution of costs.

      I have costs on one Line which need to allocated/distributed into other line.

      (But afterwards the one line should be Zero)



      Column F has the total sales and Column G has the percentage of total sales. The percentage is called "T1-KEY". We made a variable out of that Formular.

      Now the Problem:

      Column L has one Amount on Line 4 (line 5 and 6 are sums) (Yellow high-lighted)

      I want to distributed the amount ( -48.354,33) according to the percentage in Column G of every line to our CODE_H_Code (line 7 to 26). I would expect the red high-lighted values but I dont know how to realise this. Especially because the yellow field should be Zero afterwards.


      Does somebody have an idea how to do an allocation like this in Qlikview.


      Very much thanks in advance.