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    Sort chart on weekday untill today

      Hello all,


      I have a problem with one of my charts. I have been looking for hours but can't find what i need (some variations, but nothing that really works).

      I want a chart with weekday as dimension and 2 expressions.

      the first expression is the amount of orders I had in the last 7 days per day. I do this with "count({<Date = {">=$(=Date('13-03-2014'-6))<=$(=Date(Date('13-03-2014')))"}>} OrderID)" (I have to work with an old database for creation. In this "13-03-2014" is the last entry so I take that as today)

      The second expression is the average orders on those days in the selected period (for instance if I select 2013, it will show the average orders over all of 2013 per day.


      In a table this should be something like this:



      Expression 1

      (amount of orders last 7 days)

      (For example from 07-03 untill 13-03)

      Expression 2

      (average amount of orders in selected periode)

      (For example the entire year 2013)

      Friday (07-03-2014)3228
      Saterday (08-03-2014)6055
      Sunday (09-03-2014)5954
      Monday (10-03-2014)2822
      Tuesday (11-03-2014 (before last))3126
      Wednesday (12-03-2014 (yesterday))2923
      Thursday (13-03-2014 (today))3328


      The problem is that both expressions only show the data from that week or both expressions show data from everything I have selected. But not Expression 1 only from last week and expression 2 from the selected period.


      Can anyone help me please?