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    Loop over to catch the image of every sheet, but always failed to catch the first one on the list when change to another sheet

    Baiyang Xiang

      Hey Fellows


      So I got a list and four sheets in the document. I loop over the my work-group list on each sheet (every sheet produce metrics chart for the work group) then export the sheet image for every item in the list.

      Everything was good. But I just cannot catch the first one on the work-group list when I change to another sheet.


      this is a sample code for one sheet:

      Sub VMNH4()

      ' clean all current choices





      ' get a list of values in the center listbox

      set field1Values = ActiveDocument.Fields("Center").GetPossibleValues



      ' set the folder we want to export

      vFolder = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("vExportFolder").GetContent().String



      ' loop over the list

      for i = 0 to field1Values.Count - 1

        ActiveDocument.Fields("Center").Select field1Values.Item(i).Text


                 ActiveDocument.GetSheetByID("VMNH3").Activate 'go to the sheet VMNH3

                  set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetByID("VMNH3")' get the sheet as an object


               ' building the file name

               vCenterName = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("vCenter").GetContent().String

                  fileName =  vCenterName & " VMNH" & ".png"


               ' export the sheet object as pic format

               obj.ExportBitmapToFile vFolder & fileName



      end Sub


      in my button setting, i just run the macro for each sheet one by one. i think i should add something when i start loop over in another sheet? Please contact me if i have not made myself understood.