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    Change Color Data Appearance

      I have a chart with amount of orders per month. "count(OrderID)" Dimension "Month"

      I also added 5 other expressions with the order amount per month from the previous years

      "count({<Year={$(=Year-1)}>} OrderID)" 2014

      "count({<Year={$(=Year-2)}>} OrderID)" 2013

      "count({<Year={$(=Year-3)}>} OrderID)" 2012

      "count({<Year={$(=Year-4)}>} OrderID)" 2011

      "count({<Year={$(=Year-5)}>} OrderID)" 2010

      The expressions from 2013 until 2010 I gave a conditional show controlled by a dropdown box where the user can select if he wants to look back only 1 year, or 2, 3, 4 or 5 years back.


      My problem now is that with this conditional show the "persistent colors" function doesn't work anymore. The colors change every time I add of remove one or more of the expressions.


      Anyone has any idea how to solve this?