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    customized duration format



      I have a data which contents a number of minutes (a duration). I would like to present it in a friendly way, and keep it numeric so I can build graphics.


      The best result I manage to get is:


      =interval(interval#(sum(DURATION_MINUTE) , 'm'), 'Dj hh:mm') which gives me  2j 11:34 for instance  ('j' stands for 'day' in French)


      What I would like is to add something like 'h' between the hours and the minutes. Ideally:


      2j 11 h 34 min


      But if I set the format to 'D j hh h mm min' the whole 'h' and 'm' characters are interpreted as format chars, not just chars to be displayed: which gives:    2 j 11 11 34 3in


      Of course I can calculate the nb of days, hours and minutes, and build a concatenated string, but then it is not a number anymore. It could possibly be acceptable in a table, but no way to build a graphic.


      Does someone know a solution to customize the output format?