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    NPrinting Query.

    Murali Srithar

      Hi QV Team,


      Is it possible to run the NPrinting task on QV Dashboard using some buttons or something?


      Need Help !!

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          Daniel Greenberg

          Nprinting has a feature called ON Demand.

          With this feature you can add special buttons to your Qlikview Dashboard.


          1 is to run a task the other shows the queue.


          These buttons cannot perform other normal Qlikview actions nor can normal Qlikview buttons be used and like all extension objects it must be in Webview to use the buttons.

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            Jaime Aguilar


            with NPrinting On-demand you can run either:

            • Tasks
            • Jobs

            So you can execute one or a group of reports based on user selections, predefined filters or both. Before the purchasing of NP by Qlik, there where different versions of NPrinting, now there's only on version of NPrinting that includes License for Designer, Server with on-demand features.


            Just to mention, in previous versions it was possible to use ocx objects to trigger tasks/jobs, however starting from version 16 (the first from qlik) only ajax extensions are supported,