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    scrollbar start position

    Graham Crooks

      Question: Can the start position of a scrollbar on a Sense chart be set to the right hand side (rather than the default left-hand-side) of the chart?


      Situation: Often, time series charts will show perhaps years of data, which is useful for users wishing to examine trends over time. However there is generally a preference to see the most up-to-date data first. From a 'natural' point of view time runs from oldest at left to newest at right, so to see the latest data first, the start position of the scrollbar needs to be right hand end when the object opens.


      Request: If currently, this is not an option, can it be added as a chart property in a future product release please?


      Message was edited by: Graham Crooks As this is now a feature in QlikSense 3 it seems the response was 'yep - looks like a good idea'. Sorted. Cheers all.