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    svgMap not showing unless zoom to view

      Hello everyone,


           At the moment I'm working on creating a map in QV11 SR7 by using the svgMap extension, and I'm having some issues.


           When I create my object into my qlikview application it won't show unless I select "zoom in selected regions", however if the map zooms into a region the map becomes something confusing.

           In second place, once I create a more complex expression that manages the colors of the map, and I select one of the regions, it again dissapears, the funny thing is that if I place a background color, the map is not shown and the color is.


           I've tried with different solutions, however none of them has been working in my case, I don't know if anyone has had the same trouble or has some insight inot what could be happening.


           Solutions tried:

      • Disabled and base color. Even with a different base and disabled color, nothing shows in the given examples.
      • Re-donwloaded the extension from github today, also deleted every older version of it before installing.
      • Tried creating a new Qv application and importing only the map information without success
      • created a new Qv application with dummy information and the same errors were found.


      Thanks in advance, Manuel Castro