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    svgMap not displaying correctly.

      Hello Experts,


           We're trying to implement svgMap into one of our applications, however once we include the map into the application the svg images are not shown unless A) "Zoom selected regions" is selected and B) No region is selected, for the functionality we need the zoom function is not convenient, so we'ld like to disable it. Also whenever a user selects a Region on the map, all the drawings just vanish.


           Some extra info. If we enable the background color for the map, it is always shown even if the map isn't.


           Any advice is appreciated, thanks.


           I've tried the following solutions.


      • Re installing svgMap removing the last version from my computer (Downloaded May, 13th, 2015 from github)
      • Simplifying the color expression, to a plain color "=rgb(255,0,0)" allows us to select a region without issues, however still breaks without the Zoom selected regions checkbox
      • Creating a new app with only map data hasn't been useful.


      Thanks in advice