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    Query regarding enabling anonymous login



      We were facing difficulty accessing our access point from iPad client, which were able to recently resolve by using the following steps which were mentioned in previous community posts regarding the topic:

      1- Go to IIS manager

      2- Go to Default Web site( or where ever you implement the Qlikview apps folders)

      3- Select QvAjaxZfc

      4- Open the Authentication

      5- Have Anonymous = Enable and Windows Authentication = disable.

      6- On the bottom, go to “content view”

      7- Find the “authenticate.aspx” and right click on it and select “switch to feature view”

      8- On feature view for the Authentication.aspx, select / open Authentication

      9- Disable “anonymous authentication” and enable “ Windows Authentication”

      10- Verify that under QvAjaxZfc\htc is Anonymous = enable and Windows Authentication = disable.

      11- Select QlikView virtual folder

      12- Repeat steps 4-10

      13- Do a IIS reset and try again with the Ipad.


      What I wanted to know was are there any risks associated with enabling Anonymous login as mentioned above?