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    Getfieldselections in Script Load Statemanet

      Hi, I have an inline table (SelectCustomer), which i use a MultiBox to select different customer, than i create a variable (VSelectCustomer) which uses Getfieldselections from SelectCustomer to store the selection. Now i need to use the information from VSelectCustomer to use a IF LOAD in the script like the one below:


      IF wildmatch('*VIVO*','$(VSelectCustomer)') then


      The problem is that in the ScripLoad the variable VSelectCustomer does not shows it selection from SelectCustomer, shows only the code =getfieldselections(SelectCustomer)  .
      There is any way to make the LOAD Scrip read the selection?

      I already try change the '$(VSelectCustomer)' with $(VSelectCustomer) and just VSelectCustomer, and in all cases it returns the code ( =getfieldselections(SelectCustomer)) and not the values from the selection.