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    Wallpaper Displays In Wrong Location In Ajax

    Steve Dark



      There is a very annoying 'feature' in QlikView where the wallpaper appears lower on the sheet than it should, leaving a gap at the top.  This is particularly problematic as I tend to use the wall paper to define the location of parts of my sheets.


      This happens opens a document in IE plugin and more than one row of tabs is required, and then changes the size of their window so fewer rows of tabs is required.  It can also happen in the Ajax client, despite that only ever having one tab row.


      Has anyone else experienced this, and is anyone aware of a fix for it?


      I'm thinking it may be a browser issue, but I have seen it at many different companies with may different browsers.


      See this image as an example:


      The blue header bar should appear directly under the tabs, but instead there is a gap showing the background colour.


      Any thoughts gratefully received.