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    HELP! agreagate data based on date and multiple metrics

      Hello All!


      I have a table i am bringing in from Excel, it has call center CALL data, and SECONDS that is broken up by MONTH, DATE, LANGUAGE, [CALL TYPE], and STRATEGY, taken by LEVEL 1, and rolled up to LEVEL 2, and LEVEL 3. These are all my metrics.


      What i am attempting to do is sum up all the SECONDS, and CALLS up to the STRATEGY metric to minimize space in my table.


      I am looking for solutions but I am having difficulty finding a SUM or AGGR for multiple criteria DATE, LANGUAGE, [CALL TYPE], LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, LEVEL 3, STRATEGY... I also would like to do this from the script as i am loading the information from the spreadsheet.


      I appreciate the help of the QlikView community