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    Qlikview tables lifecycle after script execution



      I have a question regarding qlikview tables lifecycle.

      • When you have an QV document open and execute a script (LOAD FROM qvd), does the table after execution gets deleted from internal storage (without executing DROP TABLE-statement)? What about variables?
      • What about the same QV document run by the qv.exe /r command in CMD (open/reload/close)?


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        • Re: Qlikview tables lifecycle after script execution
          John Wood

          A reload of a document will replace the data already in the document (Tables per table viewer). Your variable values should not change unless you are creating them within the load script


          e.g. set vLastID = '102';


          The same should apply with the command line run.


          Exceptions can be if you set up a partial / incremental load mechanism (see elsewhere in the community)