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    Detach object in Qlik Sense

      Hi Qlik experts! ;-)


      I would need to detach one object (table with 2 dimensions) from the rest of the report. In good old Qlikview I would use alternate state (as far as I know, its not possible in QS yet) or detach option. For second one, detach, I haven't found any way how to do this in Sense, so is something like this possible in Qlik Sense? And I don't want to load data twice separately.




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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          You could create a bookmark and use the bookmark in set analysis expressions in your second chart. Or maybe even simpler: use {1} in the expressions of that chart.

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            Jonathan Poole

            Hi , when you are using only dimensions in the table i don't see a way. But as Gysbert says you can do this if you have a measure with Set analysis.


            Lets say i have City and Country as my 2 dimensions in a table


            Since City is more granular, it determines the # rows in the table. So if i have 20 cities, i will have 20 rows no matter if those are associated to 1, 5, 15 or 20 countries.


            to implement the 'detach' technique.  Keep City as a dimension but delete Country (higher aggregation level)


            Then add a measure and use this syntax:


            concat({1} total <City> distinct Country)


            It will force the table to not listen to selections and still show the country for each City.