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    Max value per Cyclic Group

    Jeroen Jordaan

      Hi QlikView addicts,


      I want to show the stock figures in a line chart.

      My dimension is a cyclic group with some calendar dimeniosn like, Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Date.


      Within the ERP system everyday it will count the current stock per item and stores the current stock per item in a different table.

      I'm using that table in QlikView.


      I cannot sum the values because the total stock per item is per day.


      So what I thought to do is to retrieve the max value per shown dimension from the Cyclic Group.


      Can anybody help me how to retrieve the max value per dimension in my Cyclic Group (Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Date)


      I thought it was easy and tried the below expression, but apparently for me it isn't that easy.

      Aggr(Sum({<DateNo = {$(=Max(DateNo))}>} StockQuantity), [$(=GetCurrentField([Date-Dimensions]))]))


      Thank you all for your help in advance