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    SAPEXTRConnector No Logical Systems Exists

      Hi Community,


      We are testing the newest SAP Connector 5.90 IR 64bit and are not able to open the Extractor window/wizard of the SAPEXTRConnector. All other connectors seems to work fine.


      We have installed the necessary transports (E66K900049, E66K900036) and started the SAP service with port 6880. The connection string could be created but clicking on the "Extractor" button freezes the window.

      The log shows the following:

      2015-05-18 11:01:38     Connector: C:\Program Files\Common Files\QlikTech\Custom Data\QvSAPConnector\QvSAPEXTRConnector.dll Ver: 5.90 IR, Build: 00114

      2015-05-18 11:01:38     Using Server Host: localhost , Port: 6880

      2015-05-18 11:01:38     Host address using getaddrinfo.

      2015-05-18 11:01:38     Connected to SAP (ASHOST): e12sap

      2015-05-18 11:01:40     Disconnected

      2015-05-18 11:01:45     Connected to SAP (ASHOST): e12sap

      2015-05-18 11:01:45 Err ID:00 Type:E Number:001 No Logical systems exists

      2015-05-18 11:01:47     Disconnected


      Futhermore the SM20 of SAP BW does not show anything.


      Any suggestions/hints how to solve this problem.