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    Inputsum, applying value or formula



      In Budgeting process I have developed inputfield (inputsum) Pivot Table object.

      Everything is working fine, but I've received a Request from Controlling to develop another Functionality.

      They want to have three input fields (Growth, Growth in %, Absolute Growth).

      The Problem is, those three fields must be calculated either on inputted Value in one field or be calculated based on value inputted in one of two other fields. And vice versa.


      Exampl in Steps




      Do you have any Ideas how to do that?

      It has to determine what has been changed  in all three fields on cell level and then apply value or formula to calculate new value.

      Must be possible to do that multiple times.


      Should I use VBScript or JScript?


      I will appreciate any suggestion or lead.


      Thank you in advance.




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          David Cheung

          Hi Tom,


          Did you have any luck with this?


          I'm trying to do something similar and it is pulling my hair out...


          Any ideas or suggestions would be a great help.


          If you have any sample that you could share with me to help me better understand, that would be great too.


          my email is dcheung9988@outlook.com




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              Marcus Sommer

              It's quite difficult to build a complex forecasting model within qlikview with inputfields and/or variables. In such cases you should consider to use an extension like SQL Writeback from QlikView extension object. or using a third party tools like KliqPlan (Planning Suite).


              If I would try it to solve directly with qv functionalities I would probably create each expression twice - one with the inputsum and one with calculations regarding the other inputfields - and switching between them per visibility-conditions controlled per (calculated) variable(s) or a button-control.


              - Marcus

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                Hi David,


                Sorry for delayed answer.

                Yes, I've found the way to solve this request from my Clients.

                It's combination between Qlikview and Excel and Codes in VB Script.

                There are lot of restrictions using inputfield, but at the end you can manage it.

                Are you using Server (Access Point) or just Desktop version?

                Can you send a short example and I will try to give you a hint how to solve it.

                I've learned a lot about Inputfield and Inputsum, and I'm preparing the Cheat Sheet for it (I hope soon) .





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                    Joaqu�n L�zaro

                    Hi Tomislav Lepcin


                    I need to create a straight table with two cyclic groups as dimensions and a InputField(Budget) as a expresión and a second expression Sum(Sales)


                    The first group is Company/Salesmans

                    The second group is Year/Month

                    The granularity of Sales table is date, the granularity of Budget it would be month or years


                    I have no idea about how to do this, can you share some example ?


                    Thank you very much