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    Regarding spacing of dimensions in Trendline Charts

      Hi All


      I have a trend-line chart with age-buckets as dimensions. However these age buckets are not for uniform width.

      First four buckets are built at an interval of 30 days whereas rest are built at intervals of 60 days and 120 days.


      I would like to place these age buckets proportionately to the width of the bucket


      For eg:  the table is somewhat like this :


      AgeWidth     Age          Account#

      0-30               28           XX23

      0-30               15           XX44

      30-60              50           XX64

          *                   *                 *

          *                   *                 *

          *                   *                 *

          *                   *                 *

          *                   *                 *

      60-90              75          XX65

      90-180            87           XX64


      Age and Age Bucket are expressed in terms of days.


      Now I want to build a chart with AgeWidth as dimension on X-axis and  counting the number of accounts falling under each bucket

      However in my chart I want to place the Dimension values to be placed proportionately based on the width of the bucket of AgeWidth


      lets say

      the distance between


      buckets 30-60 and 60-90 is of one unit

      then between 60-90 and 90-180 should be of two units.