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    Showing values for previous 12 months/periods using set analysis?



      I want to make a chart with the sum of "quantity" for the current period and for 11 previous periods. I.e. 12 months/periods.

      I'm using the following expression in a chart:





      created_per is the period in format YYYYMM. This expression works fine, and shows the latest period in my chart.



      However, if i write expressions like this for each record:




      = sum({$<created_per={$(=Max(created_per)-1)}>}quantity)

      = sum({$<created_per={$(=Max(created_per)-2)}>}quantity)

      = sum({$<created_per={$(=Max(created_per)-3)}>}quantity)

      It does not work, because when subtracting 1 from the period 201101, it becomes 201100 - which obviously is not a valid period. Instead of 201100 I would of course need to get 201012.


      Any suggestions for how to solve this? How do I refer to the previous record in the created_per "column".