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    Troubleshooting needed for Customize LDAP to Oracle Directory Server Enterprise


      My Qlik Server has no problem authenticating with an Active Directory. But as per client requriemetns, Qlik will need to connect via LDAP to a Oracle Directory Server for authentication. I have an Oracle Directory Server (default setup), however, when I try to setup customize LDAP in Qlik, I encounter the following issues:


      a) using LDAP URL with username and password

      error: Setting up connected failed; An invalid dn syntax has been specified.

      Qlik_Customize LDAP_01.png


      b) using LDAP URL without username and password (anonymous)

      - able to query user in QMC

      - but user login via web/thick client fail


      Setup without username and password:

      Qlik_Customize LDAP_02.PNG


      Able to query user:

      Qlik_Customize LDAP_Search user 01.PNG


      Unable to Login using customize LDAP user:

      Qlik_login failed_with customize LDAP_01.png

      Qlik_login failed_with customize LDAP_02.PNG


      My current customize LDAP DSP settings (note client Oracle Directory Server setup does not have groups):

      Qlik_Customize LDAP DSP Settings_01.PNG


      Thanks in advance for the help needed for the configuration and troubleshooting.