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    Reg-values for the year

      HI Team ,

      we  have created  straight table .in this we have taken cORGcycle (cyclic group)as dimension.we have different fields under cORGcycle like cbu,czone,cadrsm...we have calculated sales vs target in expression


      exp---=if(GetPossibleCount(PackageID)>1 and vCalType='unit',null(),sum({<CBU={"=len(CBU)>0"}>} SalesUnit*if(vCalType='value',if(Year>=2015,[CIM Price],[Actual Price]),1)))


      exp--=if(GetPossibleCount(PackageID)>1 and vCalType='unit',null(),sum({<CBU={"=len(CBU)>0"}>} TargetUnit*if(vCalType='value',if(Year>=2015,[CIM Price],[Actual Price]),1)))

      i have filters like year=201401,201412--------201412 &year=201501,201502,201503.

      Another filter like BU .for BU We have fields like CI,EH,SA.

      IF I select year=2014 and BU=CI the particular year sales vs target should come.

      but for me the data is coming the 2015 data if i select 2014 .


      can any one help me out?