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    Can access QMC from client, but not HUB

      Hi all


      I have installed a Sense server 1.1 on a Azure VM (one domain) with a Windows Server 2012 R2 OS and everything here works perfect. On the server I can access the QMC and HUB, create apps. etc., no probs.


      When I try to access the HUB from my laptop (another domain) over the internet, I get the "Opening HUB" picture and nothing happens.

      Skærmbillede 2015-05-19 14.31.53.png

      And it makes no difference if i put in '[servername]/hub' or '[servername]/hub/login'.

      On the other hand, when I put in '[servername]/qmc' I get to the QMC website and is asked to login. When I do that, I get access to the QMC. No problem.


      On the server I have:

      - reassigned the default website on the server to port 8080 (verifiend by putting in [servername]:8080 and getting the IIS webpage)

      - opened ports 80, 443, 4248, 4244, 4243

      - reinstalled QlikSense for the n'th time

      - deleted all certificates for the n'th time

      Please help

      Best regards