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    applymap number v text

    Adrian Buzer



      In my script I have the following



      load [Supplier Number],
      applymap ('MissingSupplierMap',[Supplier Number],'No Data') as [Supplier]
      resident 'Table';


      I think that the [Supplier Number] field in 'Table' is text and the [Supplier Number] in the mapping table is a number.  I'm sure this worked previously but now it is returning 'No Data' for all the supplier numbers.  Is it because one is text and the other is a number?





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          Andrei Kaliahin



          Actually QlikView trying to convert to number from text in every possible opportunity, and I reproduced behavior which you described only by explicit conversion to Text() inside ApplyMap() function... You can resolve this issue using explicit conversion to numeric via num() function.


          load [Supplier Number],
          applymap ('MissingSupplierMap',Num([Supplier Number]),'No Data') as [Supplier]
          resident 'Table';


          Hope this helps.



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            Sergey Makushinsky

            Hi Adrian,


            Try to find a definition of MissingSupplierMap.

            It should be like


            MAPPING LOAD...


            If you don't have this definition you will have 'No data' as result of applymap ('MissingSupplierMap',[Supplier Number],'No Data') as [Supplier]


            The second thing is if you have the definition of MissingSupplierMap map, try to load it as a normal table (without MAPPING) and compare the first field with [Supplier Number].

            You will see if something wrong.




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              balkumar chandel

              have you checked you have matching Supplier Number in both tables.


              if yes , try to load you data with num(trim([Supplier Number]))  in script the  use apply map

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                Robert Mika

                Post your data.app if your still in doubt