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    How to exclude some records within a list

    Elena Prandoni



      I have a quite difficult problem...


      I have a list of customers with the employees that supported them during two years (2013- 2014), and a certain measure (Amount).

      In the first straight table I want to display customers that have some amounts for 2014 as dimension, showing as expressions the amount for 2014 and for (-> no problem!).

      In the second straight table I want to display the employees (as dimension) bound to the customers described above (customer with amount for 2014), with their amounts for the two years (-> no problem for 2014, many problems for 2013!.

      So, I have to exclude from employees list the ones which have in 2013 just customers with no amount in 2014; furthermore I have to exclude, for every employee, the amounts of 2013 related to customers with no amount in 2014.


      Please, find data and the application attached with more details.


      Thanks a lot,