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    What's Best Practice? straight table vs a container grid

    Matt Mohon

      I've been working along with someone else to accomplish some analytics dashboards in qlik.  I'm new and just learning.  I dove in, and charged ahead using the project to cut my teeth on, even though we have another pro working on the project as well.


      We approached things differently and I was curious as to what's better?

      Is there a performance reason he did it his way, and why I shouldn't do it my way.

      Is there web rendering issue?


      He approached it with a Straight table,

      Dimension: Value List( A, B, C)

      Expressions: PICK(row(),Expr1,Expr2,Expr3)


      I approached it with a container grid object 3 by 2 with text objects filling it. The text objects had the appropriate expression sources. I see the container grid object as kinda a "div" or table in web speak, and I use it to layout my sheets accordingly.  I next containers within containers and what not.


      He littered the same expressions throughout the sheet,.

      I recognized commonly used expressions and assigned them to variables.  Then I littered the variables throughout the sheet.  I would assume that my method was more sustainable for maintenance and quicker to implement.  I was doing as he had done, but then changed to the variable method and moved much more quickly.


      Is this just a "qlik has a lot of ways to accomplish the same thing, and y'all just do thing differently"   or is there a reason I should not approach it as I should?