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    Adding charts to container



      I want to add three charts to a container, but the charts are part of a input box, with the charts only active when selected. It is not possible combining the three charts into one as we for example have totally different color schemas.


      So in the container I need to have the option of seeing all three charts in selected in the Input box. If I grad all three of them into the Container, all three chart names reflect but only the one in the input box actually shows data. See printscreen. the first 3 objects are in question. I only want one object to show there for the three charts, it must then change the chart in use according to what is selected in the input box, be in 120Days, 150Days or 180Days.


      Like I said before I cannot combine charts, in addition we want to use this for different possibilities, example table boxes where depending on the selection made it gives the amount of fields required by each chart.


      Hope this makes sense