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    How to select certain data from a dimension and create them as a new dimension? Thanks

    Luke Teo



      I'm very new to Qlik SENSE and would really appreciate the help that I can get, thanks.


      Basically, I have a field known as 'DELIVERY_DATE' which consists of Jul 2013, Aug 2013, Sep 2013 ....... up to Mar 2015, Apr 2015 and May 2015.


      I would like to create a new field out of it to use it as a dimension, let's call it 'DELIVERY_DATE 2014-2015', which will only consist of July 2014, Aug 2014 up to May 2015.


      For your info, I did try to use the wildmatch and pick syntax within my if statement and I almost got it except the fact that the false expression is also present within my new dimension which I don't desire.


      Can someone please shed some light upon it, thanks!