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    List Box Properties query

    Stephen Verso

      Hi All,


      If I have a list of activities in a List box, is it possible to add an expression or definition to group some activities together?


      For example my current list box is:

      Event - rock climbing                                         

      Event - hill climbing                                           

      Event - swimming

      Training - presentation

      Training - one to one


      Outcome I want is:




      Many thanks.

        • Re: List Box Properties query
          Jonathan Poole

          You can alter the list box to show the results of an expression rather than a field with this:



          Then bucket the values with an expression . Lots of possibilities. Here is one with wildcard matching and i threw in an 'other' category if you get unexpected values.


          if(  wildmatch([FieldName],'Event*'),'Event', if( wildmatch([FieldName],'Training*','Training','Other'))