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    Retrieving QVW thumbnails from the server

    Darius Pranskus



      I created a custom QV AccessPoint which uses WebTicketing for Authentication, then retrieves document list from the server and then dynamically builds the front page. Everything works fine except that the application thumbnails are not displayed until I open at least one document.


      I use the following url to retrieve the document list https://localhost/QvAJAXZfc/DocList.aspx


      It returns the xml something like that:



      <category title="<Default>">

      <document title="Golf Quest.qvw" description="" path="Golf Quest.qvw" host="QVS@qv_server" thumb="832d936b72ce54ebca257e4fdbf3e73c" version="11.20.12347.0" lastUpdate="2011-12-20 20:17:02"/>





      Then from this I generate a URL for the thumbnail image similar to the one QV AccessPoint generates




      I even request a webticket before I try to render the page, but the url does not work and returns 404 error if I click it until I open the document by the url



      If I do and go back the images are displayed correctly.


      Thanks for help