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    Lease license from Server URL with SSL certificate

    Marcos Vinicius Oliveira

      Hi there,


      I've just installed an SSL certificate on a QlikView Server, but now I can't lease licenses from it.


      I can get to the Access Point normally, settings in System-Licenses-General is marked for "Allow license lease". Tried to even disable the firewall and review it's policies and all previous ports are enabled for access.


      Is there any different step for leasing license from a QlikView Server URL (hosted on the internet, not on my local network) with SSL certificate installed?

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          Bill Britt



          I have tested this on 11.20 SR10 and I see no issues with leasing a license using SSL. The SSL is only used for the AccessPoint and once you try to open a document it uses port 4747. That has to be NAT in the fire wall to point to the server running QVS and not the webserver.



          You can lease a license two ways, one is through the Accesspoint or the open in server. If you use the open in server you will point straight to the QVS server.




          The second way is to open the access point through the desktop client.




          To do this you will need to setup Locations tab under User Preference's




          Also, don't forget to setup your linkmachine name in the QVS settings.