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    Best way to update a published view with recurring but ad-hoc data sources



      I'm working on building a QV dashboard for my organization with several source feeds. Several of the feeds will plug straight from the DW with OLE DB connections, but I have about three sources that are currently in the form of monthly Excel reports emailed to me via various user groups.


      The goal of this dashboard is to automate as much of this reporting process as possible. From what I can tell, the Excel reports in question are not straight exports, and I won't have have access to the back end tables, or whatever aggregation method is being used to collect the data for that report.


      So working with the constraint of ad-hoc Excel reports, what is the best method to update a published View with Excel data. I assume we can adopt a template to ensure formating and data integrity. Ideally, the user, once finished creating the monthly report, would upload the data straight to the View, thus removing me from the process entirely.(