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    InputSum syntax, Set Expression on distribution mode



      I would like to know if somebody had experiance with seting expression on distribution in InputSum?

      In example I'll try to explain.


      1 Step

      Picture 1.JPG

      I have three line with values and totalsum. The Lock Filed means that when I want to lock value I 'll put value 1 and I want this Value to be fixed for further calculations.


      2 Step


      Picture 2.JPG

      I've chose the field I want to be locked.


      3 step

      Picture 3.JPG

      Than I've changed the total amount from 600 to 900. The QV had made calculation. But, I am not satisfied with result.

      Solution is to change formula from InputSum(Amount,'*') to InputSum({<Lock={0}>} Amount, '*') .


      4 Step

      Picture 4.JPG

      Now, I get the right selection to distribute, but I want to see total sum of 900.


      I saw in Help and reference manual that Syntax of InputSum is littele bit different from what you get as flying help in expression editor.


      Picture 6.JPG


      Picture 7.JPG


      Look at the syntax, SetExpression is on two different places.

      The Actual gives selection over records with Lock field = 0, but now I want different approuch.

      I want to see total sum of amount, but distributon only at selected records that have Lock field with 0.


      Is it possible?


      Thx in advance.