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    Possible Client for very weak PCs? Which one is most likely to work?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      we're going to roll out an app that I've developed here.

      The issue is, one of the core functions of the app is reloading the script via a button from the GUI.

      That one does not work in the Browser (AccessPoint) afaIk, so the users who shall have access to that one need the Client.

      Now, most of the PCs we have on the shopfloor are quite old. They run XP, they have CPUs with approx. 1 Ghz and most have around 1GB of RAM.

      I know that that is very little to run the Client. So I'm going to test it on one of the shopfloor PCs.

      Maybe you can tell me which one is most likely to run  on that Hardware so I need to download only one or two, not all of them - installation must be done by IT, so I try to limit the options to test as much as possible from the start.


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,