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    Used tables to create KSB1

    micro win



      I'm trying to find the tables that are used to create the transaction KSB1, but I can't get all the data.


      Do you know what tables should I use in order to get the cost centers and other information from KSB1?



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          Friedrich Hofmann



          I guess you're talking about SAP?

          It's been a while since I have worked with SAP, but I think all tables with cost center information start with 'KS' or 'KST', not sure.

          Anyway, there's the DataDictionary - the tables with DD - where you can look up meta_infos about all the tables available in SAP.


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            Seems complicated due to relations with vendors and headers in this view. You might also need BKPF (G/L document header) or BSEG (G/L document details). And in addition to that BSIK (Open vendor items) and BSAK (Cleared vendor items).


            Other users might have better ideas.