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    Adding Shared Items to Sheets with "Add Sheet Object" Disabled

    Michael Houck

      I'm having a strange issue with QlikView around Sheet security. We want to be able to lock down all of the existing sheets in an application but allow users to create a new tab and do whatever they want over there. So we disabled the ability to change anything on the existing tabs, but allowed users to create new sheets.


      Here's the issue... users cannot add any sheet items to an existing sheet... EXCEPT if it's a user created or user shared item. So if I lock down the Introduction sheet to an application (uncheck Add/Remove/Move Sheet Objects) then a user cannot change anything. But if I create a new sheet and a new item on that sheet, I can go back to the Introduction tab, open the repository and then drag that user item into the sheet wherever I want. But then, due to the security settings, I can't remove it, move it or do anything to it, except click on "Undo".


      Is this a bug with the system?