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    Link calendar to table

    Joanna Seldon



      i am using the following calendar...


      Calendar: DECLARE FIELD DEFINITION TAGGED '$date' Parameters first_month_of_year = 1 Fields

           Year($1) As Year Tagged '$year',

           Month($1) as Month Tagged '$month',

           Date($1) as Date Tagged ('$date', '$day'),

           Week($1) as Week Tagged '$week',

           Weekday($1) as Weekday Tagged '$weekday',

           DayNumberOfYear($1, first_month_of_year) as DayNumberOfYear Tagged ('$numeric');


      DERIVE FIELDS FROM FIELDS [Date_Received] USING Calendar;


      i need to link Weekday from this calendar to my main Orders table. is there a way to do this please?


      Kind Regards