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    Distribute Loop Task with DMS Security

    Riccardo Schillaci



      I know that in QMC there are two types of securty model, NTFS and DMS.


      Can I use the DMS Security and then do a Distribute Task by NTNAME? And then the users can log into Access Point and see their file app automatically?


      With NTFS it works fine. QlikView sets automatically the user-security into the files, and from Access Point users can see their document only. But if I set DMS, I don't know how to do the same thing, because in Distribute tab I can set only SAM Account Name and not a DMS User Name for matching NTNAME during the loop.


      So, I can set a Distribute Manual in a folder and set some users, but from Access Point users can see everything. I would like a NTFS behavior.


      Thank you, best regards.