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    Find Value in Text and "Vlookup" value

      Dear all,


      I hope you had all a good start into the week... I have the following problem where I would need your brains :


      I would like to find a value (forced package) in a text and "vlookup" the Code & Package value.


      The text is the following for the MCode ABCDEF: "A32, W98, XXD, BCD, W11"

      As a result it should show me "ABCDEF - Pack.2"


      So it has to recognize the right MCode and find the forced package code in the text to give me the right Code & Package value.


      MCodeForced PackageCode & Package
      ABCDEFW94ABCDEF - Pack.1
      ABCDEFW98ABCDEF - Pack.2


      What kind of formula do I have to use to get to this result?

      Thanks for any kind of hints and solutions!!